Bright ideas to add to your bright ideas

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No time for the ordinary

MSW Creates is a new, relaxed collective for creative thought and social marketing talent — a sort of centre-point around which gravitate various visionary businesses and ethical projects. Taking the prize for the combined years of experience racked-up by its dedicated teammates, MSW Creates provides gleaming opportunities to do something worthwhile.

Along with our own activities, we also offer full design and digital marketing services to develop from scratch or reboot your own.

Current Activities

A course for attending to your ideals, covering the digital marketing of products or services using the Internet, mobile phones, and other digital media.

The MSW Young Elevation Scheme — this delightful programme will equip your child with the necessary skills to propel them to success in today’s digital world.

With a load of projects under-the-belt across 3 continents, Chrimson create simply beautiful designs for print or digital view — whatever the style, whatever the business.


Preparation meets opportunity

With a roll of ongoing ventures as long as your arm, counting education and furtherment, design and merchandising and a range of other media, the primary focus is to bring a fresh aesthetic and positive worldview to our projects — “We love what we do and it shows.”

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Projects for 2019

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Original African designs and fabrics; exotically tangy t-shirts and tie-dyes; bold ethnic patterns and vibrant colours.

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A range of — you guessed it — affirmative giraffe-themed cards and merchandise for spreading the love. Website coming soon.

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Online radio show to cover ECOWAS, with music and podcasted light-hearted musings in various means, notably Pidgin, Efik, and a bit of English.


How can we help you?

This is only the beginning of many wonderful things to come. For enquiries or further information on any of our projects, or how we may assist yours, please fill in and submit the form on our Contact page and a member of our team will be in touch very shortly.

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